Le Letucia Bar and Resturant

Visit Le Letucia, our local family run bar/restaurant approx 8 minutes walk from us.

There is a seating area outside the frontage and in the high season customers can make use of the space at the back. Guests can sit at the bar and there is a dining area to the side. There can be a great atmosphere at weekend.

‘Do try to use basic french as they will receive you well but it’s nice to be seen trying to converse. Lot et Garonne is an area where there is a strong accent. Even just a basic greeting and please and thank you’s go a long way.

– They have the menu de jour (Meal of the day) with a vegetarian options.

– In the evenings they serve homemade pizzas to die for including a vegetarian pizza. They are happy to tailor a pizza topping to your liking if you prefer.

– Pizza can be ordered as a takeaway.

– Reasonably priced.

– Very friendly and a great atmosphere.